The new marketplace PRAGMATIC is the first one-stop shop for precision agriculture industry, fit for any size AgTech company and farmer. PRAGMATIC connects representatives from the farming community, agri consultants, agrifood companies that are looking for precision agriculture solutions with AgTech SMEs and startups from around Europe and the world.


The AgTech space is booming, with fresh players continually entering the market. To rise above the crowded field, AgTech companies need to convince the farmer to make the switch, and make sure that the farmer will see an obvious return of investment in Precision Agriculture in a relatively short timeframe. Moreover, grabbing farmers’ attention, and getting the conversation started is among the most frustrating obstacles in establishing market presence for many innovative AgTech companies.

PRAGMATIC aims to be the go-to online place for AgTech companies who seek to link up with the wider farming community to sell, buy products/services, and more.

PRAGMATIC: Who is it for?

Businesses can communicate with the farming community in or near real-time, and discover opportunities to commercialize their products and services well beyond their local market. Farmers, on the other hand, can express their immediate and anticipated needs so that AgTech providers can better adjust their offering to the ever-changing patterns of demand.

  • Farmers – looking to adopt technologies that improve on-farm performance and enhance overall productivity while reducing costs
    PRAGMATIC lets farmers post requests/bids for precision agriculture services based on their needs and requirements that will lead to yield improvements and reduction in production costs.
  • Agricultural consultants / PA service providers – looking for more diverse ways to offer consultancy services related to precision agriculture, but lacking the capacity to carry the process through;
    By translating data to profitability, the agricultural consultant is the link between farmer and PA solution
    provider. PRAGMATIC allows consultants to offer their competence and quality of services to a market much wider than their local community.
  • PA equipment vendors (startups, OEMs, etc.)– seeking to grow sales, develop a market, and simplify the selling process;

    PRAGMATIC reduces time-to-market for equipment vendors in offerings specific for PA by letting them list their products on the platform. It offers an instant access to customers looking for readily available and high/quality services based on PA.

How it Works?

There are two distinct types of profiles on PRAGMATIC: Businesses and Farmers. The platform is similar to any other niche-specific marketplace and allows farmers to uptake new precision agriculture tech in matter of seconds. PRAGMATIC has been setup for a two-way b2f (business-to-farmer) communication, allowing both profile types to search and filter by multiple options such as by location, pricing, and more. PRAGMATIC allows businesses to display information about their specific product/service, offer customized promotions and personalized timely support, as well as, extract store analytics that fit their more complex business requirements. This is all to help them find and matchmake with that perfect customer from the farming community and spark the fundamental change in running an AgTech business.

Moreover, PRAGMATIC has developed a cost assessment tool for farmers to help them understand the expected cost of specific products and services. Farmers are now able to use this tool for free and estimate what precision agriculture will cost them based on their needs and real market values.

USE CASE: Drone and sensor-based smart farming service

Innodrone Ltd is a start-up in Aarhus, Denmark, engaged in providing drone-based solutions. In the course of KATANA they collaborate with Nikos Vasiliadis, a Greek agronomist and an Italian company called Sensoriada Ltd, to provide an innovative service for the collection and archiving of data on crops and their presentations to the farmers. The companies use the PA calculator to apply a revenue sharing model, taking into account all costs related to the service. On the basis of this business model they start a crowdfunding campaign where they offer a special price per hectare to farmers and promote it heavily among young farmers and agricultural cooperatives.

PRAGMATIC by numbers

  • over 3,000 functional products
  • about 1,000 food recipes
  • 130 bioactive compounds
  • 15 target groups
  • 70 functionalities and
  • 30 food processes


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