Katana Store is an Iot Platform service architecture aimed at providing mobile vendor relationship management tools to all agri-food supply chain stakeholders. The platform enables and empowers customers to share their demand through their mobile device or using a combination of a smart phone and a beacon device with the agrifood ecosystem, who are subsequently enabled to push their offers in real to the same customers.

Why KATANA Store?

In the traditional supply chain the agrifood producers are distributing products over retailers to customers, where retailers are the most powerful players in the supply chain. With the power of CRM – Customer Relationship Management, retailers are supported by the data derived from the identifying potential customer needs, hence their marketing power enables them to dictate prices towards both the producers and the customers. With the rise of the IoT, data-driven business models that change traditional buyer-producer relationships, location information and the desire for decentralized supply chain, there is a social and economic reason behind reshaping the supply chain power distribution.

KATANA Store: Who is it for?

  • Agribusiness retailers

KATANA Store uses context-aware technology to exploit a user’s immediate environment. This is to enable agribusiness retailers offer real-time deals and receive order via IoT Platform shop.

  • Foodies and customers such as restaurants and hotels
    Whether you are a foodie with busy schedule and lack of time, or a commercial customer (e.g. a restaurant), you’ll appreciate our storefront apps. We’re using location-awareness to deliver you deals.

KATANA STORE offers the customers the ability get informed on real time tailored-to-their-needs deals and order via IoT Platform storefront Apps

  • Food manufacturers and producers as well as potential affiliates – food bloggers and restaurants
    KATANA Store is a great additional sales channel. Food manufacturers and retailers can deploy our APIs in a wide range of smart devices. This will allow them to open up their operations to a whole new ecosystem.

How it Works?

KATANA Store is an IoT platform that offers agribusiness retailers rich, custom-tailored storefront solutions to make their businesses IoT-enabled. What does this look like?

The platform allows retailers to setup their storefronts, list their goods and services, and deliver a differentiated customer experience through new customer touch points. These include:

  • Smartphones and wearables;
  • Connected devices in the smart home and smart car segments;
  • Location-based technology – matches based on location and time;
  • Bluetooth beacon technology for on demand agrifood services;

Moreover, KATANA Store offers a range of APIs covering payment, logistics, identity management, and more that make the development and integration of new services to the storefront efficient and effective.

USE CASE: Traceability app for fresh seafood

Mariscos frescos is a small company in Vigo, Spain engaged in packaging, wholesale and distribution of fresh seafood. They buy seafood from fishermen and deliver it to small fish shops around Spain. In the course of KATANA they cooperate with a Slovenian startup called Trace.it to develop Seafood Watch, a traceability app for fresh seafood. The app will provide information to consumers and other interested parties about the packaging, transportation and storing conditions of seafood and gets feedback from them. The two companies use the mobile interface, the same-day delivery API and the toll for location based services of the KATANA toolbox to connect consumers with high quality fresh fish provided in the fish shop near them. Once they prepare the app prototype they start a crowdfunding campaign in KATANA aiming at both fish shops and consumers, offering special prices to early adopters.

KATANA Store by numbers

KATANA Store is built for retail and eCommerce, and is designed to support:

  • over 150 storefronts; as well as to handle:
  • more than a million of high volume, heterogeneous transactions per year.

Joining KATANA Store

Looking to create your own storefront? Fill in the order formular available at katanastore.eu.

For more info, get in touch with digital worx GmbH: ross@digital-worx.de.