Future trends

Get ready for the future!

What are the latest trends you should know about? How should you anticipate these trends? KATANA provides an analysis of trends, scenarios and strategies that will shape the future.

In the upcoming months we will provide you success-cases, expert interviews, webinars and Tweets which will explore and reflect upon the latest developments which are turning the world of agri & food upside down. The goal of the content we will present you is to inspire and prepare you for your own entrepreneurial endeavors. KATANA will explore the trends for both agri & food: from precision farming to personalized nutrition.

We will not focus solely on the fancy technology and the hip trends behind them; we will show you some of the faces behind the innovative companies who are disrupting the world of agri & food. Technology and expertise are fundamental aspects, but entrepreneurship requires also vision and perseverance: what was their personal journey? Which mountain tops did these entrepreneurs had to conquer to achieve what they did?