Our main goal is to support the development of innovative, tech-based products and services in the agrifood sector. As an additional service, KATANA provides support in the form of three free-of-charge technology platforms. These platforms can inspire you and help you in coming from a first vision to a concrete product or service innovation in the fields of:

  • Precision Agriculture for sustainable farming,
  • Mobile Services in Accessing Agrifood Markets and
  • Functional Foods for Personalized Nutrition.

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  1. Marketplace for Precision Agriculture 

Use Case: Drone and sensor-based smart farming service

Innodrone Ltd is a start-up in Aarhus, Denmark, engaged in providing drone-based solutions. In the course of KATANA they collaborate with Nikos Vasiliadis, a Greek agronomist and an Italian company called Sensoriada Ltd, to provide an innovative service for the collection and archiving of data on crops and their presentations to the farmers. The companies use the PA calculator to apply a revenue sharing model, taking into account all costs related to the service. On the basis of this business model they start a crowdfunding campaign where they offer a special price per hectare to farmers and promote it heavily among young farmers and agricultural cooperatives.

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   2. Platform for exploiting IoT to reach customers

Example: Traceability app for fresh seafood

Mariscos frescos is a small company in Vigo, Spain engaged in packaging, wholesale and distribution of fresh seafood. They buy seafood from fishermen and deliver it to small fish shops around Spain. In the course of KATANA they cooperate with a Slovenian startup called to develop Seafood Watch, a traceability app for fresh seafood. The app will provide information to consumers and other interested parties about the packaging, transportation and storing conditions of seafood and gets feedback from them. The two companies use the mobile interface, the same-day delivery API and the toll for location based services of the KATANA toolbox to connect consumers with high quality fresh fish provided in the fish shop near them. Once they prepare the app prototype they start a crowdfunding campaign in KATANA aiming at both fish shops and consumers, offering special prices to early adopters.

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  3. Toolbox for the Design of Functional Foods

Example: New Juice products with desirable functionalities targeted to specific groups

Martin Alfonso is an organic fruit and vegetable producer from Valencia who wants to expand his activities by valorizing the wastes from the fields. In Vienna he made a contact with BioJuices SA, a small Italian company producing juices of high nutritional value. Together they are planning to design functional juices based on fruits and vegetables for particular target groups, such as athletes, children and pregnant women. Based on that they establish a collaboration with Agata Gozdzik, a nutrition scientist from Poland. The nutritionist provides the requirements according to the particular profile of each group. Based on these nutrient requirements KATANA FunFood toolbox will propose different scenarios (bioactive compounds category, new innovative processes, etc.). The consortium of three European SMEs starts a crowdfunding platform offering packs of juices and various promotional material to supporters.

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