KATANA Roadshow X High Tech in Agriculture

KATANA Roadshow X High Tech in Agriculture

On Friday, 23 September 2016, bwcon GmbH invites you to dive into the exciting world of AgTech!

Which are the major challenges for the future of agriculture? And how can ICT and the emerging industries help the agrifood sector in overcoming these challenges? Questions like these will be at the center of the first KATANA Roadshow presenting the KATANA Project. From the practical side, Albert Amos, CEO of the Bosch start-up Deepfield Robotics, will provide insights into the daily life of an AgTech start-up and explain how solutions like “BoniRob” or the “Internet of Animals, Plants and Fields” will shape the sector’s future.

Find out how solutions like BoniRob or the Internet of Animals, Plants and Fields will shape the future of agrifood!

Sign up and take this chance to learn more about KATANA or get in touch with fellow entrepreneurs. The registration deadline is set for Wednesday, 21 September 2016. The number of participants is limited.

Short info:

  • What? KATANA Roadshow Stuttgart X High Tech in Agriculture
  • Keynote of Amos Albert, CEO of Deepfield Robotics
  • Presentation of the KATANA Project and its benefits for start-ups and SMEs along the agrifood value chain
  • Questions and Networking
  • Where? Kraftpaule Craft Beer House, Nikolausstraße 2, 70190 Stuttgart (East)
  • When? Friday, 23 September, 6:00 p.m. (CET)

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