BioSense Institute has been founded to focus multidisciplinary, game-changing and needs-driven research and disseminate it to a global ecosystem of forward-looking stakeholders. BioSense cross-fertilizes two most promising sectors in Serbia: ICT and agriculture.

Multidisciplinary research is performed in the fields of micro and nanoelectronics, communications, signal processing, remote sensing, big data, robotics and biosystems, with a common goal to support the development of sustainable agriculture and create a positive impact to the lives of people. Bio-Sense advances and integrates all that ICT can offer today – nanomaterials, low-cost miniature sensors, satellite imaging, robotics, big data analytics – to provide as much information as possible to the agricultural sector.

The final goal of BioSense is to incorporate all efforts and results of various research groups into a unique BioSense integrated system for agricultural monitoring. BioSense Institute coordinates or participates in a large number of international research projects, including Horizon2020, FP7 and Eureka.