How to Get Your Point Across in 2 Minutes or Less

How to Get Your Point Across in 2 Minutes or Less

Working on your KATANA pitch video? Below we have put together some simple reminders and tips to help you understand what we are looking for and how you can apply successfully.

Think big. Solve the problem worth solving.

At this stage of KATANA, you don’t even have to mention the name of your product or service. Instead, focus on the following:

  • Previous experience and current activities

Describe your background. List your key skills and strengths. You should also be able to translate your prior personal and professional experience into terms that resonate with the market that you’re now pursuing.

  • Understanding of the dynamics of the value chain

Demonstrate that you understand the dynamics of the value chain. What is the problem (current or emerging) that you are going to solve? Why is it important? In addition, make it clear that you are well aware of the relevant trends and opportunities that directly relate to your goals.

  • Vision for the sector/industry

Finally, you need to focus on your vision of future potential and possibilities. Communicate a concise concrete vision and explain how to best get there. Why have you chosen this path particularly for attaining your vision?

Bring the team to the spotlight.

The number one cause of failure in early-stage companies is a failure to execute. Do you have an all-star team that can learn, iterate, and move quickly? Prove it!

Are you a solopreneur now? Show that you can focus on assembling a great team.

Be focused and specific.

You have only two minutes so keep your KATANA pitch video short and sweet. Waste no time by plunging into too many technical details. Instead, go on and explain the key benefits of your idea. Be simple, clear, and concise.

Be different so you get noticed.

Of course, apart from clarity, passion, and conviction, you need a dash of creativity to shoot a unique pitch video that stimulates response. Here’s where you should let your personality do all the talking.

Be sharp, show your drive. This is your time to shine!

Finally – don’t forget to submit your pitch video well in advance of the 28th February deadline! Don’t get hung up on perfection to the point you don’t submit something.

Take your phone out and start recording.

Share an idea: tell your story.

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