Overcoming the odds: 5 tips for getting into KATANA accelerator

Overcoming the odds: 5 tips for getting into KATANA accelerator

Interested in pitching for KATANA? Great, however:

How do you leave a lasting impression?
How do you make sure that your idea sticks, and that you inspire your audience in a 2-minute video pitch?

This is a real challenge, as pitching can be highly stressful. In fact, according to most studies, this is people’s number one fear. Does this sound familiar?

To be sharp and precise (…much like a Katana sword) and improve your odds of joining the €1.2M KATANA business accelerator, we’ve compiled this handy list with actionable tips – read on and set your feet on the path to crafting the perfect pitch video.

If you’re already a ninja, you can apply here.

KATANA step by step – getting pitch perfect

Step #1: Sell your team

Having a great idea, product, or services only goes so far without having the right team behind you. More than anything else, the team and its passion set you apart from your competitors, especially in the early stages. Your KATANA video pitch should therefore promote your team and what makes you the right people to solve the problem you’re tackling.

However, avoid focusing too heavily on yourself. Instead, try to find a balance between demonstrating who you really are and providing value to your audience. Seriously, do you know what’s important to your audience?

Step #2: Know your stuff

Your evaluators want to see and hear that you know your stuff. Focus on the following:

  • Previous experience and current activities

Highlight your key skills. Explain what it is about your background that brought you to this point in your business. Is there anything you could possibly learn from your previous experience and apply it strategically to the next?

  • Understanding of the dynamics of the value chain

What problem does your idea solve? Who are your competitors? Do you recognize what clearly differentiates you from the competition? Show evidence of interest and traction: it is highly important to understand the market and where your idea fits in.

  • Vision for the sector/industry

What really connects to an audience is your vision’s possible impact on the current market. Communicate a concise concrete vision for the sector/industry and explain how to best get there. Why have you chosen this path particularly for attaining your vision?

Step #3: Features tell but benefits sell

Do you have what it takes to shake up and disrupt the agrifood value chain? Good for you! But people will want to know what’s in it for them.

Stop just listing features. Instead, focus on creating a compelling value proposition. Give people what they want by showing them why your product is that “one thing” they’ve been searching for.

Step #4: Less is more

Albert Einstein once said “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” So you should be able to rattle off your pitch at a moment’s notice. There’s no excuse for not being able to do this.

Remember, you have 2 minutes at most to be noticed and have your idea matter to others. After all, your pitch will be evaluated by people just like you. Eventually, you need to get them to work on the same page. Therefore, don’t insist on inscrutable babble. Using mind-numbing business jargon and industry terms will just cloud your message and turn people off your idea.

Also, for a great KATANA pitch, you don’t have to show a detailed five-year forecast. Having explained the problem space, jump right into the solution space. Tell a story: tell your story.

Less is always more.

Step #5: Submit your pitch

Are you ready to disrupt agrifood? Get your creative juices flowing and submit your KATANA video pitch anytime between the 1 December and 28 February.

Pro tip: Have someone else watch the video you’ve prepared. We’ve seen this do wonders. It’s simply amazing how many things we miss when we’ve watched and re-watched the same video a dozen times!

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