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Several Regional Matchmaking Events support you in becoming a part of KATANA. Join us now!

Building partnerships requires trust. Therefore, KATANA aims to bring together as many SMEs and Start-ups as possible in regional matchmaking workshops. The workshops shall facilitate the exchange between the participants and support them in finding suitable consortium members for their 2nd stage applications.

KATANA supports European SMEs and start-ups in the agrifood value chain to access knowledge, technology, capital and markets in order to respond to the global competitive environment. To receive a total of 100,000€ funding, participants have to team up and form so-called consortia of up to four members that work on an innovative solution together.

In April 2017, the KATANA partners will organize 14 regional matchmaking events all over Europe in order to connect KATANA participants with fellow SMEs and, thus, facilitate the formation of cross-border and cross-sector consortia. The workshops will follow a concept that allows participants to get to know each other and to create teams around specific ideas. The concept that will be applied is part of the entrepreneurship methodology Effectuation (Sarasvathy, 2009) and is called “Makers’ Marketplace”. Its goal is to enable beneficiaries to enter in dialogue about ideas, visions and potential collaboration spaces.

Who: All KATANA 1st stage beneficiaries + interested SMEs and Start-ups from agrifood and ICT

When: May and June 2017

Where: Follow our website

What: Free seminars

Purpose: Networking, Matchmaking, Teambuilding


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