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REZOS BRANDS S.A. is a food oriented Greek SME, founded in 1983 in Patras, Western Greece. The founders with extensive experience in sales, distribution & logistics, took the challenge of delivering quality, reliability and passion and categorized REZOS BRANDS S.A.as one of the leading forces in the highly competitive market in which we operate. Through time, Rezos Brands achieved a steady workforce growth rate, as a result of the gradual establishment of our company in the Greek market. Our constantly growing sales, reflect our investment in strategic partnerships and infrastructure.

NIG Nahrungs-Ingenieurtechnik GmbH was established in March 1991 as engineering and research enterprise for the processing of fruit and vegetables as well as of other vegetable raw materials. The founders of the company were employees of the former research institute for fruit and vegetable processing Magdeburg and have long term experiences in development of processing technologies, engineering, product development, analytics and quality assurance.

Organic 3S is a company involved in the trade of packaged organic farming products, selected in accordance to the strictest of criteria, produced in Greece and abroad, and of specialized raw materials for the organic product industry, while constantly investing in know-how development.

“What exactly is the food we eat? Are organic products the solution? Why are these products that expensive? What shall we give our children to eat?” To provide answers in these questions, Andreas, an agriculturist with extensive experience in the organic food industry, decided to deepen his research on the quality of organic food products versus the respective conventional products, assessing on the same time the real relationship between quality and price.

Our Consortium

Hippocrates Farm will proceed its implementation via the following 3 operational divisions:

1. Farming sector
REZOS BRANDS S.A. invests in our multifunctional farm at Meteora (Central Greece), offering a unique opportunity to upscale our sea-buckthorn (hippophae) as the top Greek super fruit. At our farm we adopted the vertical business model of super fruits cultivation: from the farm to the supermarket self. NIG Nahrungs-Ingenieurtechnik GmbH is our farming and cultivation expert on sea buckthorn. Together we are trying to maximize the quality, the taste and the benefits of sea buckthorn and we make in site extensive tests and consultation sessions regarding the manipulation of the tree, the crop the soil and harvesting technologies etc.

2. European R & D
REZOS BRANDS S.A., NIG Nahrungs-Ingenieurtechnik GmbH and Organic3s will proceed the research activities towards the development of our new sea buckthorn super fruits functional food products for the national and European markets.

3. Commercial, Distribution & Logistics sector
Rezos Brands will undertake the distribution and the development of national and European sales networks operating in the Greek & European market. Rezos Brands SA invests also to the development of its own products in the super fruits sector: osmotic processed super fruits and berries (sea-buckthorn/ hippophae, goji berry, aronia, cranberries, cacao beans etc.). Organic3s is cooperating with Rezos Brands is preparing and testing the new sea buckthorn products that we are going to launch to the markets and they are planning together the marketing strategy as also the exports strategy that we are going to follow in order to enter the European markets.


We now are focusing on the next big thing for us: a new series of innovative organic products based on 85% cocoa chocolate, enriched with sea buckthorn extract and oat-based cereal with sea buckthorn and mountain tea extract. It is all about making functional, exciting and delicious!


NIG Nahrungs-Ingenieurtechnik GmbH

  • Research and development in the fields “fruit and vegetable processing” as well as “renewable resources”
  • Sea buckthorn processing
  • Engineering for the fruit and vegetable processing
  • Food analytics, quality assurance


  • Sales
  • Logistics
  • Merchandising
  • Farming
  • Food R&D

Research Areas

  • Food sector (organic and BIO orientated projects)
  • Super fruits and functional foods (personalized nutrition, healthy and beneficial to the human body and mind products)
  • Agri entrepreneurs, agri business, agri start ups
  • Competitiveness and Innovation for Small and Medium Enterprises
  • Farming sector

Organic 3S

  • It proposes 2 – 3 products for evaluation as samples. The sampling of the products is conducted in a laboratory cooperating with our company, where the products are compared to relevant competitive products.
  • After selecting the product and packaging materials in cooperation with the client, Organic 3S presents alternative solutions regarding the visual aspect of packaging and the labeling of the product, always fully aligned to the Greek and E.U. legislation.
  • It provides technical sheets for the product, the necessary certificates (organic farming, HACCP food safety, suitability of packaging materials, etc) and any other microbiological and chemical analyses relevant to the product’s shelf life
  • It suggests appropriate recipes tailored to customer needs. Starting of the idea of a new product and always taking into account the legislation, the target group, but the flavor profile, achieves the desired final product and packaging design proposals layouts.

Our Marketing

We accelerate our development through effective marketing! Every time we plan and materialize our projects, our Marketing orientation helps us to successfully promote the products we sell, securing long term and effortless sales for our customers.

  • Adjustment of International Marketing Plans to the Greek market
  • Development of 360 Marketing and Communication concepts
  • Brand development
  • Development of logos, image and identity and packaging
  • Multipurpose promotional material
  • Nationwide promotional events for different markets (Hypermarkets, small retailers, HORECA etc)
  • Online and offline publicity
  • Sponsorships
  • Niche market penetration
  • Printed material for the trade and the consumers
  • Online local and national campaigns
  • Contests and other bellow the line actions
  • Presence in national and international trade shows

Contact Details


European R&D Department
196 New National Road Patras-Athens
26443, Patras, Greece
Tel: +30 2610 423021


18, Sorou St., 14452,
tel. +30 210 2852473
mob. +30 6973205990

NIG Nahrungs-Ingenieurtechnik GmbH

Wasserkunststraße 26,
D-39124 Magdeburg
Tel:  +49 391 2524275