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Agriculture uses about 70% of the water we take from rivers and groundwater.
Much of this irrigation water is wasted because of inefficiencies.
The water scarcity the world is experiencing requires immediate solutions and any saving in irrigation, the most water consuming practice in the world, is a must if we want to avoid water shortages and suffering ecosystems in a close future.
Bluetentacles’ Systems have the capacity to optimize water consumption in agriculture thanks to weather predictive models and environmental data collected from the field.
This can be obtained at a sustainable cost, making the Systems available to a much larger number of farmers and irrigation consortia.

About us (our SMEs)

The Blue Tentacles Consortium partners, Tera Engineering Srl and Elettromeccanica Aldrighetti, have pluriannual experiences in the Irrigation industry and strong competences in hydraulic projects and Automated Irrigation systems.

Our Product/Service

In agriculture irrigation water is often dispensed without taking in consideration the exact crop requirements.
Weather forecasts and environmental data are rarely taken into account. This leads to waste of water and energy and often cause diseases in the crops due to excessive humidity.
Another negative effect of excessive irrigation is the leaching of soil nutrients.

Bluetentacles’ System is based on a cloud platform and adjust the irrigation schedules through automatic processes that take in consideration local weather forecasts and environmental data.
Together with the field devices controlled via radio this allows for an extremely precise and effective supply of water: not more not less than the exact crop requirements.

In particular with regards to the Professional segment of the market, characterized by proprietary solutions and high costs, Bluetentacles’ Systems offer flexible and easy to customize solutions at an affordable cost.
Furthermore Bluetentacles’ Systems can be integrated in existing irrigation plants allowing for a retrofit at even lower costs.
The via radio communication among the field devices allows also for an easy and fast installation of the systems.

Our Team

The Blue Tentacles Team is composed by experienced professionals in the Irrigation industry.
Environmental Engineers: Marco Bezzi, Silvano Pisoni
IT Engineer: Roberto Trombetta
Electronic Engineer: Federico Aldrighetti
Sales and Marketing: Luca Truant
All components of the team have large experiences in the Irrigation Industry and, grouped together, have the full capability to plan, develop, produce, manage and sell advanced Irrigation Systems.

Marketing activities

ccording to the new market research report “Smart Irrigation Market by Irrigation Controller (Weather-Based Controllers and Sensor-Based Controllers), Hardware and Network Components, Application, and Geography – Global Forecast to 2022″, the smart irrigation market is expected to reach USD 1,504.6 Million by 2022. The factors which are driving the smart irrigation market are increasing demand for food production, reduction in the wastage of resources, and increasing concern for water conservation.

The Blue Tentacles sales channel will be made up of Irrigation installers and Resellers of Professional irrigation material.
The system will be initially proposed to the domestic market, more specifically in Northern Italy, in order to set up a few pilot sites that will be used as a reference for the rest of the market.
Starting from the second year we will target the rest of Italy and the most promising European countries like France, Spain and Germany with the aim to set up at least a reference site in each country.
The target to be reached within the third year is a set up sales channel of 50 Installers/Resellers (domestic and international).

Contact details

Blue Tentacles

Via dei Solteri 37/1, 38121 Trento
Tel. +39 0461 931764