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Jeppe, I have an apple for you as present. Let’s talk about the opportunities and changes agri food producers are facing in the digital supply chain?

Thanks for the apple. Companies have to focus on three aspects: First, whatever companies do, their customers need to understand that we take care about them. Second no company will survive in future without digital infrastructure and using digital channels. And last but not least, especially for agri & food: How can we build business with social responsibility?

Imagine if you are a startup producing apples, what will you sell to your customer?

In my philosophy it’s all about high quality. By that initially you need a strong vision for all your own activities to provide the best product. This flows into the marketing message that costumer’s willingness to pay allows to request higher price for good quality.

But at the end the product is an apple. And you sell apple’s like hundreds of others do. What makes the difference?

You are right, it’s still an apple. What we need is an unique selling point and we need to extend our basic product “apple” with added values. For example we do not sell an apple but we sell a lifestyle. Or you go the same way as coffee vendors did, when they start selling coffee in capsules. They put their product into a new perspective and combined it with a solution to guarantee a continuous quality of brewed coffee. At the end the result is still a cup of coffee but they sold the whole user experience instead the single pack of ground coffee. In that way they realize higher margins.

So with the capsules the coffee industry started selling a solution instead of a single product. What does this mean for our apple?

One good story could be that we do not sell an apple. We sell health. And all of our activities are focused on bringing health as added value to our customer.

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Jeppe Hau Knudsen is Founder and CEO of executive now GmbH. Executive now has expertise in business consultancy with headquarters in Stuttgart and 5 international project offices. His expertise is focused on business development, sales and marketing based on international trends.

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