Coming to a field near you: here’s what you need to know to keep up with agriculture #drone market

Coming to a field near you: here’s what you need to know to keep up with agriculture #drone market

What’s the deal with drones?

Drones assist farmers in taking care of their crops and help bring higher yields from the farms. For farmers, there are a wide range of uses for drones such as; keeping an eye on livestock, as well as, monitoring crops. Essentially what the deal is with drones is their versatility with regard to technology. They can carry infrared cameras, sensors, GPS, software/hardware applications to assist farmers to track and take better care of their crops.

Additionally, to the aforementioned benefits, agriculture drones can collect high-quality data and are convenient to use compared to other agriculture techniques such as; satellite imagery. Moreover, drone data processing tools are becoming inexpensive and easier to use.

Drones are taking Over

Drones are expected to capture a large share of the agrotech market, according to Research & Markets the drone market is expected to grow from €758.7 in 2016 to €3.7 billion in 2022. The reason for this, their exceptional capability to hover, fly at high speeds and importantly remain steady. These advantages are boosting the growth of the market for drones. Furthermore, the drone software market is expected to grow exceedingly alongside the drones themselves. Imaging software plays a crucial role in the market since this software is used for processing the images captured by drones hence, imaging sensors are anticipated to seize the lion’s share of the agri-drone market for software by 2022.

Growth in crop spraying using Drones

Between the years of 2017 and 2022 the crop spraying application by drones is predicted to grow at its highest rate. With ever increasing adaption of drones by farmers for crop spraying the reduction in wastage of crops, fertilizers and pesticides will be evident. The reduction in waste is a key factor responsible for the expected growth of the market for crop spraying application.

Increasing Automation

The agricultural process is experiencing increasing automation owing to a labour crisis. There is a lack of skilled farmers, coupled with an aging farmer population and with a clear majority of people being employed in cities. As result, these factors will have a positive impact on the growth of the agriculture drone market. Additionally, a favourable shift in the regulatory policy is expected to permit start-ups to operate in both small and large farms, as well as, aid in disease & water management.

Ultimately, agricultural drones are high-tech systems that can perform in ways that a farmer can’t and with an ever-increasing demand on healthy foods, as well as, pressure to consider environment protection, drones will be a very useful instrument for farmers to reach expectations bestowed upon them. Drones will transform agriculture, and with the market potential expecting to be massive, investors and farmers alike are keeping a close watch on this technology.

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