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We manufacture protein bars using high quality sustainable protein from insects. Insects are high in protein, contain all essential amino acids and are rich in micro nutrients. Compared to more conventional protein sources such as whey and meat, insects consume significantly lower amounts of feed and water and produce almost zero greenhouse gases, making it a more sustainable protein source. The bars are ideally suited to diets of athletes who take part in physically demanding training and require high quality nutrition and also to those following a sustainable lifestyle.


The eating of insects, also known as Entomophagy, is practiced by over two billion people around the world and is not just a new trend. The eating of insects can also be viewed as a nutritious delicacy valued by the people who eat them. The Western world being the only ones finding the consumption of insects a little bit bizarre. The great taste and high nutrient content makes them a valued food source in areas where eating insects is the norm. Not only delicious but also a fantastic sustainable food source which has been a hot topic for years with the United Nations as they advertise the consumption of insects will play a huge part as a solution to future global food crisis.

Crickets are used in our bars due to their high functional qualities and sustainable nature.

Functional: Crickets are about 70 % protein which is of high quality as it contains all essential amino acids. These amino acids cannot be produced in the body naturally. Amino acids are essential for muscle maintenance, repair and growth. Crickets are not only a high protein source but also rich in important micronutrients such as iron and vitamin B12.

Sustainable: Crickets are highly resource friendly. This is because a cricket’s body temperature is determined by the temperature of its environment, known as being a poikilothermal animal. This means that energy from feed is not wasted to maintain body temperature, but can be utilized for body growth and protein formation. Compared to beef, crickets only consume 8 % of feed, 2 % of water and produce less than 1 % of greenhouse gases.

Being socially and ecologically sustainable is something that we value with the production of our products. We ensure this by locally sourcing crickets directly from small farmers in Thailand. Insect farming offers earning potentials to the rural population in these areas – traditionally women have lots of expertise in this field.


The SWARM Protein bar is a sports product combining dates and insect protein. Due to the nutritional values the bar is ideal for post training and recovery after sports. During exercise stored carbohydrate levels can be severely depleted. We then require a combination of proteins and carbs post workout as this combination starts the recovery and growth process. The insect bars come in three different flavors: Red Berries, Chia Hazelnut, and Raw Cacao. The bars not only taste great and are high in protein but they are also packed with vitamin B12 and fiber.

The use of crickets as a protein source is revolutionary and segregates us from conventional protein sources from livestock (meat, whey etc.). We bring together a great nutritional profile, high in amino acids and micronutrients, and the massive ecological advantage. This becomes a growing factor of importance to modern athletes.


If being active and taking part in sports, your nutrition needs to be an important factor. Having the right sports nutrition will enable you to reach your goals quicker and more efficiently. Our bar is an ideal post workout choice. Not only accommodating for your sports nutrition needs but also supporting a product that is new to our culture. You would also be playing an important part in becoming more sustainable. The global population is growing, and we need to discover sustainable ways to provide food and protein in a sustainable way.

Currently, the world’s population gets most of its protein from animals (meat, milk, whey etc.) accounting for over 30 % of total protein consumption. In developed countries, this percentage rises to 50 %. These high numbers bring huge environmental concerns with them. Livestock alone accounts for 70 % of global agricultural land and produces up to 18 % of all greenhouse gases caused by human activities.

The human population has no plans to slow down. It is expected that by 2050 there will be close to 10 billion people on earth. To accompany this growth the UN estimated that the production of meat will have to double to provide enough protein. This would cause great stress on the environment. Therefore, us as a planet need to be more sustainable in how we eat and source foods and discover new ways to do so. This is where our insect bar plays a vital role and takes a first step in that sustainable direction.


In Europe lots of people are neither aware that you can eat insects nor that they want to eat insects. There is some work to do to establish insects as an alternative source of protein to the western market. Therefore, an important aspect is proper communication and a target-group-focused dissemination of information. Knowing that insect based products are kind of provoking, we have to inform people about the positive aspects of insects as being both a highly nutritious and sustainable food source. For that task we teamed up with two experts in the field of visual and human-centered communication.

KARACHO FILM: A video production agency specialized in short videos especially for the new and social media. They know how to present information in a condensed and most appealing way.

KOMBÜSE: A buero for communications specialized in social entrepreneurship. They are able to make information tangible and provide a well-balanced look at all relevant aspects.

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SWARM Protein produces innovative sports nutrition with functional and sustainable protein from insects.