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Solarvibes, a Berlin based startup aims at revolutionizing agriculture with state-of-the-art precision agricultural solutions for small scale farmers. Technology has been used mainly with a focus on addressing towards industrial farming while over 70% of world relies on small farmers for food supply. However due to inadequate tools and lack of advanced farming methods, farmers in the developing world suffer from low crop productivity, crop failures inspite of the drastically increasing farm’s operational cost.

Our Product

Our product is called the Agrimodule Smart System and it consists of Agrimodule, Agri sensors and Agripump.  Agrimodule is powered by solar energy and governed by our software embedded with artificial intelligence and we call it the Vibes Smart Crop Intelligence (VSCI).  AgriModule in combination with VSCI makes it the perfect assistant a farmer can have. It assists farmers to plan the whole cultivation process, operate the irrigation system automatically, teaches new efficient farming techniques and to grow different types of crops without any prior experience or knowledge of it.

Why are we Unique?

Vibes Smart Crop Intelligence is developed combining the best farming practices and it offers site specific, crop specific solution which makes it easy for any natural person to learn farming and pursue it without any prior experience. Our solution is scalable for any farmer irrespective of farm size, be it small plot of land or 1000 hectares. Its Graphical User Interface is designed to be fully intuitive to understand and easy to get starting to work with. It enables and teaches any farmer from any computer or smart phone. It is available in many local languages and audio guidance for farmers who cannot read.

Who Are We?

Swathish, CEO is a master’s graduates in Solar Technology. He started by analyzing the problems faced by farmers in India and Africa. After completing an intense research with over 400 farmers from 30 different countries, he identified the need for such a solution that is necessary to reduce the burden of a farmer and make it a more attractive profession. Carlos, CSO is also a master’s graduate in solar Technology, developed self-sustainable solar powered Aquaponics farms to aid remote communities in order to meet their food demands.  Together we formed Solarvibes and now we are a team of renewable engineers, software engineers, mechatronics engineers, agronomists and soil scientists who love good and healthy food.

Where did we start?

We started as a project to develop self-sustainable farm and turned it into a scalable precision farming tool to cater every farmer’s needs. We participated in Katana crowdfunding campaign with an incredible vision to make modern technology available even to the poorest and the remotest farmer in India and Africa. Katana has offered us a wonderful platform to reach out to people, validate our product and raise funds to pursue our idea forward. We launched our “Adopt A Farmer” campaign to provide farmers with our AgriModule Smart System, seeds and train them on using modern technology to implement resource efficient organic farming, teach advanced farm management tools and demonstrate the benefits of such technology in various villages. With support of people from over 12 countries, we will adopt the first 50 farmers and also demonstrate to over 2000 farmers as a part of the initiative. Emerging in top 10 from over a 500 brilliant ideas, we are very thankful and lucky to be a part of Katana and work with them closely for the next 10 months to fulfill our goals.

Our Vision

A modernized agriculture will not only improve farming, but bring it in the profession-wishlist of next generation youngsters, adding to doctors, engineers, pilots and so on; especially in India, Kenya and many other developing countries. At Solarvibes, our vision is to empower farmers and lead the transition towards tackling the biggest problem of this century, the Energy-Water-Food nexus.


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