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Making healthy food more accessible to all

The new food retail model bringing easier and lower cost access to healthier products directly from the best producers

Smartfooding proposes a new model in food shopping that gives as many people as possible an easier and lower cost access to the best food products that are perfectly adapted to each one’s specific diet (whether it is a need or a desire): gluten free, allergen free, organic, fair trade, vegan, low sugar, low fodmaps, and much more…

Our spanish e-commerce was launched in Spain earlier this year with great initial results, and we are now looking for funds and support to further expand in EU.

The money we aim to collect from this campaign corresponds to our cost to launch Smartfooding in 1 new EU country in early 2018. Your contribution will not only help us to do this launch but also influence the selection of the country.

Why is Smartfooding so unique?

Smartfooding is much more than an online shop. We bring a unique solution to fulfill all food conscious people needs:

Real Great Products: Based on our expertise and with the help of a participative community of Smartfoodies we assess and select all our products based on their nutritional value, naturality, social impact, cost and taste. We have product of the best famous brands from all over Europe but we also love to identify small producers that make great products but don’t have resources to spend on advertising, and give them the visibility they deserve. See the link to Delicious and Sons or Happy Bakers to get a feel for it. We have now a catalogue of more than 1000 products covering all general grocery categories, expanding every month.

All the information: each product is displayed with visual graphs and labels showing their value. We help people understand the value of the food they shop and therefore make better decision to drive their help.

Easy Access: thanks to more than 30 filters each one can find in few clicks the products fitting their needs and desires. We deliver in 3 to 4 days wherever you live (only in Spain for the moment).

Best price always: thanks to our membership model (50 euros / year) we can propose all our products with a permanent discount of 15 to 30% compared to their market value.

Who we are

To run this project, we recruited experienced professional as well as young talents, and partner as consortium with a small but highly specialized spanish IT company (E-Kumba), and with a french e-commerce consulting firm (Very e-commerce).

From left to right: Romain (co-founder), Marylise (nutritionist), Alexandre (CEO and co-founder), Mireia (Nutritionist), Laura (product manager) and Emeric (CTO and co-founder).

We are food engineers, nutritionists and retail specialists, but also parents with allergic children that lived the difficulties of finding good quality products at fair prices, and wanted to make something about it.

If you want to know more about us, you can see this YouTube video.

How is this market going?

Organic food market is growing all over Europe at double digit figures, and represents today over 15 billion euros. The share of online in this market is still low (between 1% to 8% according to countries), but also growing at very high speed.

A few final words

We have started a great adventure and now need your support to take on the next step. Help us democratize the healthy food all over Europe. Don’t hesitate to contact us for any query:


Beatriz Morales
Community manager

Social Media