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Rosey’s mark is a Bulgarian brand specialized in food from roses. Their products combine Bulgarian tradition and know-how with the latest global trends in food and nutrition. Roses, as edible flowers, are an enormous universe to be explored and revealed. This is why the founders of Rosey’s mark, sisters Rositsa and Ina, have established the Rosey’s mark concept for “Floral gastronomy from Bulgaria”. Behind it, their team is working on several aspects:

  • Product portfolio: Rosey’s mark aims at developing a vast range of food & drink products based on the Bulgarian rose and thus cover all possible applications of this extraordinary edible flower. In the moment of becoming one of the Top 10 KATANA projects, the brand has a portfolio of 3 product lines: natural and sugar-free rose jams, organic tea and chocolate with roses collection which, by the way, has a patented recipe.
  • Health benefits: through Rosey’s mark work the team has found that Bulgarian oil-bearing rose has various benefits on our body, spirit and mind when consumed in different ways. This puts it on the functional foods list and the founders are decided to dig deeper into that subject with series of tests and studies, so people can benefit the most. For example, they share that the aroma in a cup of rose tea acts like aromatherapy, bringing calm and joy; rose jam helps digestion and the chocolate with roses acts anti-aging and as an aphrodisiac.
  • 5-star gourmet experience: lately roses have become a thing in high-end culinary. Top chefs and Michelin starred restaurants lead the fast growing trend for edible flowers and often add an extra fine touch of roses to their masterpiece dishes. Culinary bloggers and foodies are also embracing the elegant and distinguishing rose flavor in their kitchens around the world. So, Rosey’s mark mission is to give you the best possible rose products and cooking tips for you to create your own homemade gourmet experience.

After becoming a KATANA Top 10 project, Rosey’s mark team future development plan includes:

  • new products development
  • developing larger and international distribution network
  • enhanced marketing activities

During their KATANA project, Rosey’s mark team joins forces with other two Bulgarian companies. The first one is with expertise in food styling and nutrition – they are called Blue Birds creative agency. With them, the team will be producing great recipe ideas and cooking tips presented by beautiful video and photo content. The other partner is called Media Basket – a digital agency which will be working on the digital marketing strategy of Rosey’s mark and also on the development of international e-commerce self-owned channel, a vital Rosey’s mark e-store with EU coverage.

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