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Keep IT Fresh project was initiated in order to tackle the problem of food waste in households, providing additional benefits like protection of the environment and reduction on household expenses. To that aim we developed a user-friendly package.

Our product/service

The Keep IT fresh package contains:

  • SMART EGG – temperature and relative humidity monitoring device and
  • KEEP IT FRESH application – the smart phone app that receives and processes the measured data.

About us

CAM Engineering
CAM Engineering is a company dedicated to bringing innovative solutions to the world.
W.R.H. steakhouse
An innovative restaurant that applies contemporary and creative culinary solutions in the preparation of delicious meals.

Our team

We have a dedicated team of software and hardware developers. Together with expert advisors in a background in food technology, quality and safety, we have a complete competence to bring this project to the market.

Our marketing activities

Marketing activities consist of a range of promotion activities through internet chanels, social media, sponsored articles, flyers and roll-up banners, fair activity and mouth to mouth promotion.

Contact details

Contact us on Facebook: @keepitfreshsmartegg, or e-mail: