There are many things you can do in just two minutes.
How about launching your agribusiness!

Take your phone out and start recording.

Share an idea: tell your story.



1st December 2016: The journey begins!
Apply until 28th of February 2017
Stay tuned

Criteria for evaluation of pitches in the first round of KATANA:

  1. Previous experience and current activities
  2. Understanding of the dynamics across the value chain
  3. Vision for new products/ services

Not only your excellent application, but much more your competencies as applicants guarantee future success on the market.

That is why we offer supporting services to the most promising teams that market players themselves find as ones with the most potential for future commercialization.

All KATANA applicants will be active in this community involvement and act as peer-to-peer evaluators of other teams and their pitches throughout two major rounds.

  • To learn more about KATANA follow our Guide for Applicants
  • Before you start your application, read our FAQ
  • To learn about target topics and KATANA’s approach visit our Call Fiche